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Pensions, Endowments & Foundations

Battea – Class Action Services provides pension and endowment funds with the answer to their securities class action settlement claims and recovery needs. Both pension and endowment funds represent significant assets on a global basis, with sizeable holdings in publicly traded securities. The tremendous assets represented by these funds can translate into significant recovery amounts from securities class action settlements, as a result of their sheer size. As a further complication, these funds can often have both significant trading activity and assets custodied at a variety of places. Battea’s unique Claims Engine technology synthesizes and normalizes trade data from multiple sources, including custodians, in-house systems, and technology providers. This enables us to consolidate massive amounts of data and apply the individual rules from each settlement’s Plan of Allocation to clients’ consolidated trade data. As a result, we can help ensure the accuracy and completeness of settlement filings, resulting in successful recoveries.

Many of the world’s leading public and private funds rely on the expertise of Battea – Class Action Services to effectively manage their securities class action settlement claims and recovery process.

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