Data production is not necessarily easy,
and neither is
estimating your losses.


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Our team will analyze your firm's trade history and provide a comprehensive report detailing securities class action settlements for which you are eligible.


Current LitigationCurrent Settlement AmountProposed Claims Filing Deadline
Petrobras (ADR/ADS) $3,000,000,00006/08/2018
FX Benchmark$2,310,275,00005/16/2018
ISDAfix$504,500,000Rolling Deadlines
USD LIBOR OTC$250,000,000Rolling Deadlines
Euroyen$236,000,000Rolling Deadlines

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Data Auditing, Claims Filing, FX, Antitrust Litigation & Settlement Recovery

For nearly 20 years, Battea – Class Action Services, LLC has established itself as the leading claims recovery experts for institutional investors. That is why more than 700 clients, including leading banks, hedge funds, the world’s largest sovereign funds and asset managers, rely on Battea to guide them through the entire cycle of the litigation and settlement process to receive the maximum recoveries that they are due.

The expertise of Battea’s personnel is the critical element in providing our clients with the highest level of service and actionable intelligence. With many mega multi-billion dollar litigations related to Libor, Euribor and Tibor rates and spreads manipulation across a vast set of financial instruments, Battea is uniquely qualified to perfect your claim to ensure that you obtain the maximum award to which you are entitled.



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