Battea Hosts New Member & First-time Attendance Welcome Reception at CII Fall Conference in Minneapolis

Battea – CII Fall Conference

Battea Class Action Services, LLC was honored to host all CII Board Members, Markets Advisory Council, Shareholder Advocacy Committee, as well as all new members and first-time attendees on September 16, 2019, at the CII Fall Conference, in Minneapolis.

The event was hosted in conjunction with The Council of Institutional Investors’ (CII) Fall 2018 Markets Advisory Council (MAC) Meeting, which Battea’s Chairman was honored to join in 2018. The MAC advises the CII Board and staff on investment, legal, financial reporting and other trends for their more than $3.5 billion in assets.

CII Executive Director Ken Bertsch, commented “CII is pleased that Peter Kilbinger Hansen of Battea will continue to serve on CII’s Markets Advisory Council in 2019. Members are appointed by the CII board, and provide the board and staff valuable advice on policy, market trends and programming.”

About Battea Class Action Services, LLC:

Battea Class Action Services, LLC is a global leader and expert in all stages of asserting and processing settlement claims in connection with antitrust and securities litigation. The company has been a leader in the space for nearly 20 years, serving more than 800 institutions around the world, including many of the world’s largest banks, hedge funds, asset managers and buy-side investors. The landscape for U.S. class actions, international securities litigation and securities centered anti-trust litigation has evolved rapidly around the globe. With deep roots in the claims filing and financial technology sectors and its global presence, Battea is optimally positioned to help clients navigate the increasingly complex process of obtaining trustworthy information about litigation that impacts their investments and businesses. The combined experience of the Battea team is unrivaled among industry peers and brought to bear for our clients, guiding them through the entire cycle of the litigation and settlement process. Battea’s expertise is simply unmatched.

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