Battea Leads Panel at Koried’s 10th Annual Plan Sponsor Educational Institute

On January 16, 2019, for the fifth straight year, Battea, addressed a group of prominent pension fund trustees at Koried’s 10th Annual Plan Sponsor Educational Institute in Key West, FL. The esteemed audience consisted of trustees who were responsible for over hundreds of billion in retirement fund investment assets.

Bob Williamson, VP of Sales at Battea, was joined by Barbara Hart, from Lowey Dannenberg, and Meredith B. Weatherby, from Motley Rice, and the panel was moderated by Joe Alejandro, Trustee, NYC Police Pension Fund.

Mr. Williamson noted in his presentation that “utilizing the services of Battea, an expert securities claims filing firm, will help them maximize the value of their class action claims. Trusting Battea to handle all of your securities class action filing, on behalf of the firm and requiring no additional work on the client’s hands, pension funds will ensure that they are not leaving crucial money on the table.”

Mr Williamson went on to note that, “There are billions available … only 28% of investors with valid losses to file, perfect their settlements and leave money on the table.”

There is more than $15 billion in undistributed settlement funds.

“The increasing complexity of the securities involved, bundled with the rapid rate of said filings, make the decision to trust Battea with your recoveries a win-win for your and funds,” he said.

Battea’s advantage is that it’s a leading expert in the handling of trading data, and because of its thoroughness and innovative practices in the field of data handling and security, Battea is often able to win the client substantial funds that they would have been otherwise denied.

One eager attendee asked, “What types of monitoring tools does Battea deliver? Also, what’s right for my fund?”. The answer: Battea is the most experienced when it comes to maximizing recovery and its innovative, interactive, client-focused Portal® takes portfolio monitoring to the next level. Their expertise simply cannot be matched.

Mr. Williamson went on to pose the most important question for the audience: “How can I be sure I’m not leaving money on the table?” His reply: engage Battea! In many, many instances, Battea has been able to obtain funds for clients that otherwise would have been impossible for them to receive. Also, since Battea executives have longstanding personal relationships with many claims administrators, they are often able to intercede on the behalf of clients in order to resolve knotty administrative problems.

For more information, or to learn more about how to maximize your pension fund’s recovery, contact Battea today: or +1 (203)-987-4949