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Class Action Case Intelligence & Analysis

Battea’s proprietary research focuses on capturing information regarding securities class action litigation taking place both in the United States and internationally. In addition to the comprehensive case and settlement tracking and plan of allocation research performed in connection with the Company’s class action claims filing service, the Company has invested in additional senior research experts. As part of their responsibilities, they are tasked with identifying and analyzing specific cases and general litigation developments outside the US. We employ various services, search mechanisms and protocols, through which we are confident we will identify any relevant litigation initiatives. Through frequent communication with a number of international law firms in different jurisdictions, we sometimes identify early stage litigation initiatives, prior to any prior general public announcement.

At the very basic level, pursuing securities fraud claims outside of the United States generally requires investors to litigate individually or to “opt-in” to some form of group or collective action. With respect to collective actions outside of the US, damaged investors must generally affirmatively opt-in to the litigation in order to participate in any subsequent settlement or judgment. While most proposed litigation is announced or advertised in advance, investors often receive information about non-U.S. cases, through somewhat random and disparate sources and methods. We provide a full service detailed global monitoring solution and research the various coalitions and particular technicalities around opt-in timing and terms.

No statutes exist, like the PSLRA in the United States, which require prompt public notification of international securities litigation, so it is critical to monitor the formation of these actions. Additionally, investors must carefully analyze how to participate in these international actions.

Battea does not outsource any of our services to external providers but we utilize various research services to supplement our primary research efforts. Battea also communicates directly with the law firms involved in specific international securities litigation efforts. Once a new litigation is identified, the team researches the parameters and requirements to participate in the class action lawsuit and creates an individual case file. As the recognized leader in the securities claims filing universe, we are directly or indirectly on the notification list from many of the regular litigation funding groups, law firms and other sources and tracking services, but new cases and alliances are forming rapidly in the current environment and we believe extraordinary attention and surveying procedures are required to keep informed in the current landscape.

Beyond the level of monitoring described above, there are distinctions between the timing for different options for when to join an opt-in action or a claims assertion. Early notice and timing is very important for a number of reasons, including that in some jurisdictions and instances, it is not possible to add plaintiffs to a particular litigation group, after such group has filed its initial complaint or writ in the respective foreign court and litigation is already underway. Pending international litigation announcements are available to our clients via alerts, reports and our portfolio monitoring systems.