Battea’s Chairman Peter Kilbinger Hansen Presents on Global FX Antitrust Litigation at FX Week USA Conference in New York City

FX Week Conference – Global FX Antitrust Litigation & Settlement

Battea – Class Action Services, LLC Chairman, Peter Kilbinger Hansen, was honored to present on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at the FX Week USA Event, hosted by FX Week, at the Metropolitan Club in New York City. With the Lead Counsels on the United States FX Antitrust Litigation (In re: Foreign Exchange Benchmark Rates Antitrust Litigation), David Scott, Managing Partner of Scott+Scott, and Michael Hausfeld, Chairman of Hausfeld LLP, the panel discussion explored the current landscape of the case, the impact regarding the Global Code of Conduct, and what to expect with the current ‘Last Look’ litigation.

Battea’s Hansen noted, “It was a great honor for Battea to be asked to speak at FX Week USA 2017. The audience was enthusiastic, engaged, and proposed great questions. As these litigations are both substantial and very complex, the focus being given to such relevant topics allows Battea to help educate the industry members and clarify and decipher any misinformation.”

The FX industry conclave, entering its 14th year, is the FX market’s leading conference for senior buy-side members in foreign exchange markets. With a stout lineup of speakers, CIOs, Heads of FX, Portfolio Managers, and Heads of Trading have direct access to connect with trusted, industry professionals on a variety of topics.

Battea is a global leader and expert in all stages of asserting and processing settlement claims in connection with antitrust and securities litigation. Battea has an exclusive position in the industry as its owners and team members built FX and derivatives trading systems for many of the world’s largest global banks, including several of the defendants. Their expertise in the FX markets is unparalleled.

FX Week Conference – Global FX Antitrust Litigation & Settlement

About Battea – Class Action Services

Battea – Class Action Services, LLC is the leading provider of securities class action settlement recovery for institutional investors. Utilizing proprietary technology, Battea maximizes settlement award recovery across all asset classes for hundreds of institutional clients and its global, full-service solution manages the complex claims filing process combining accuracy and unparalleled transparency. Battea has augmented its professional staff assembling many of the foremost international financial technology experts and data security technologists, former claims administrators, financial industry experts, securities litigation analysts and econometric experts. The company has been a leader in the space for nearly 20 years and serves more than 700 institutions around the world, including many of the world’s biggest banks, hedge funds, and buy-side investors.