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Class Action Claims Filing

The claims recovery process – from the submittal of a claim to award distribution – averages 1.5 years. During that time, Battea specialists track and monitor every event to ensure that a class action claim receives the full award possible. Key to this process is that all communications regarding a filing are sent to Battea – not the client.

  • A Battea specialist compiles a class action claim by using automated processes that publishes the claim forms and supporting documentation in the exact format preferred by each claims administrator.
  • The claims are delivered electronically or in paper format, depending on the settlement and administrator.
  • We request return receipts – USPS or electronic – and track them for every filing. Battea staff monitors the status of each filing as it progresses through the administration process.
  • If the administrator identifies any deficiencies or makes any documentation requests, Battea will manage them.