Class action claim filed against HP

HP Securities Class Action

Attorneys Jahan C. Sagafi of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, and Adam T. Klein of Outten & Golden LLP announced on January 10 that a class action claim has been filed against hardware giant Hewlett-Packard Company (“HP”), according to a statement.

The suit alleges that the company frequently classifies its technical support staff in an inaccurate manner and then neglects to pay them for all overtime worked, and that this practice represents a violation of federal overtime compensation laws.

According to the lawsuit, the company engages in a “common practice” of classifying its workers as exempt and as a result not paying them the overtime they would enjoy otherwise.

Several thousand support staff work for HP across the United States, and these workers have frequently come from smaller companies – including 3Com, Autonomy, Palm, ArcSight, 3PAR, Electronic Data Systems – that were recently bought by the software giant.

‘Fair compensation’
“HP’s success and substantial revenue come from the hard work and long hours of its technical support workers, who keep information technology infrastructure up and running,” plaintiff Eric Benedict said in the statement. “HP should not be allowed to underpay these workers in violation of the law.”

Jahan Sagafi, counsel for the plaintiffs, said that “this lawsuit seeks fair compensation for the thousands of HP technical workers who form the backbone of the company. Their tireless overtime work, which we allege has been unpaid, has helped fuel HP’s success.”

Individuals who work as Senior Technical Support Engineers, Technical Solutions Consultants and Technical Solutions Representatives are all part of HP’s support staff, and responsible for the installation and support of the company’s hardware and software. According to the suit, HP violated the law when it refused these workers overtime pay.

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HP Securities Class Action