L'expertise de Battea en matière de change, de produits dérivés, de taux d’intérêt et d'antitrust est inégalée.

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Battea's specialized subsidiary, Battea FX & Derivatives Group,  has been monitoring the FX Instruments and FX Exchange Traded Instruments (In re Foreign Exchange Benchmark Rates U.S.), OTC U.S. Dollar LIBOR, EURIBOR, and EUROYEN Antitrust Litigation Cases very closely. In addition to helping clients analyze their FX, Derivatives, and Interest Rate transactions for eligibility in these antitrust cases, Battea and its principals are acting as market and transaction expert consultants to several leading law firms involved with the litigation in both the U.S. and Europe. With a long-standing track record of designing and implementing FX and Derivatives systems for many global banks, our principals and senior employees have an unrivaled understanding of the FX, Derivatives and Interest Rate markets operations, including the role of transactional systems.

We recognize that the landscape surrounding these Antitrust Litigation cases are quite complex, due to a multitude of factors including: location of investor, location of trades, various jurisdictional considerations, and the format or system used by each party to trade with their specific counter parties. To fully manage and navigate the details, data and complexity of filing in said cases on behalf of our clients, Battea has augmented its existing FX, Derivatives, and Interest Rate market veteran experts with additional senior FX market practitioners within The Battea FX Experts Group.

Battea's trusted group of experts, unparalleled among its peers, delivers an average of 25 years of experience in their impressive careers and will each play a vital role in perfecting your claim to ensure that all eligible transactions are in included in your recovery award.