KBR at center of securities class action lawsuit

KBR Securities Class Action

A law office recently announced the filing of a securities class action lawsuit against the leaders of a construction and engineering firm, after its shareholders made questionable statements about its operations.

Law firm Bernstein Liebhard, LLP, noted that the litigation was filed in the U.S District Court for the Southern District of Texas against KBR, Inc. This includes all stockholders who purchased interests in the company during the period between April 25, 2013, and May 5, 2014.

The lawsuit alleged that the company’s leaders made statements about business prospects and operations that were either false or misleading. This includes the possibility that the company’s financial results were overstated, while its revenue was also inflated in these documents.

Those shareholders who either still own interests in the company, or lost money during the time owning the stock, may be eligible to take up the lead plaintiff role. In order to be approved, the court will need to decide if the person is right for the role, as they will need to represent the entire class in the deal. All paperwork for this position needs to be filed by July 8, 2014. However, this is not a mandatory position to apply for, and shareholders still have the option of taking no action, and remaining as an absent class member, which will not affect their chances to collect in the event of a financial return.

For any questions about the case, or for those who have information that could help out with the process, speaking with the law office is an option. The best contact is Joseph Seidman, and he can be reached by telephone or email.

Second lawsuit filed
Another law firm recently announced that it filed a lawsuit for many of the same reasons in the aforementioned court.

KBR Securities Class Action

Levi and Korsinsky, LLP, filed the class action lawsuit due to shareholders having issues with statements made about the company’s financial performance, which may have misled investors.

It is an option for shareholders who lost money during the aforementioned class period to also speak with this law firm for more information about the case. The best person to discuss these matters with is Joseph Levi, and he can be reached by telephone or email. Additionally, the law office’s website has more information for shareholders.