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Class Action Case Research

Clients have relied on Battea since the turn of the century to provide accurate claims filing for U.S. class action settlements. Increasingly, clients have come to rely on Battea for definitive guidance on how to maximize participation and potential recoveries in foreign litigation, derivative securities anti-trust litigation and to provide intelligence on special situations like seeking appraisal rights pursuant to a management squeeze-out. Battea has established a team of subject matter experts and researchers who monitor and analyze each newly filed case related to assets in which our clients are interested and to which they have economic exposure.

Specifically, clients have found that Battea’s expertise and research related to securities and FX transactions without CUSIPs and ISIN identifiers have been critical to their efforts to optimize recovery strategies. Substantial developments in antitrust litigation now involve a vast array of exchange- and over-the-counter traded (OTC) derivatives and foreign exchange currency (FX) spot and forward markets regarding rate fixing and spread manipulation.  These complications are demanding a much higher and sophisticated level of knowledge and present a set of challenges that cannot be addressed by any of our competitors and the systems they currently employ.