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International Collective Actions & Opt-In Markets

Battea provides services related to collective action litigation filed or contemplated to be filed in jurisdictions spanning the globe. Our goal is to help clients navigate and sort out the various opt-in and filing requirements for litigations and settlement opportunities outside of the United States. We track potential litigation in all of its various phases. In most instances we meet in person and interview the law firm or coalition regarding their legal approach and the investor participation requirements and terms.

We clearly differentiate requirements a) under the law in each jurisdiction and b) those requirements stipulated by coalitions, shareholder associations or investor foundations. We help clients decipher and understand the distinctions that exist between various litigation options presented by law firms, coalitions and funding agents. Local rules, investor objectives, statutes of limitations, coalition terms and other factors play a critical role in the decision making process, regarding the particulars of joining a foreign litigation effort in order to be eligible to later participate in an ultimate settlement or judgment. In addition to loss recovery, we also analyze governance and other objectives that a coalition might propose in connection with litigation and the pursuit of a settlement.

Our objective is to provide our clients with as much information as possible, to support their potential opt-in or other litigation decisions, as it relates to the differences in approach and potential opportunities or risks associated with different litigation and coalition choices in different cases.

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