Market Monthly Newsletter – Billions Available To Eligible Investors In Upcoming Antitrust Rate Manipulation & Derivative Settlements

More Than $15 Billion Available to Eligible Investors


Nearly $6 billion dollars have settled across the foreign exchange antitrust manipulation casesderivatives cases, and the Petrobras American Depository Shares (ADS) litigation. With billions available to eligible investors in a number of pending antitrust cases, an unprecedented amount of settlement monies are and will continue to be available for distribution to eligible claimants in the coming months.

However, these settlements, and the securities and financial products that are eligible to participate, are extremely complex and many claimants will struggle asserting their claims. Those who file successful claims stand to receive significant or even outsized recovery awards. Due to the complexity associated with determining the transactions that are eligible to participate in these multiple settlements, and the large recovery amounts available to eligible claimants, we are requesting that you provide all of your relevant transaction data to Battea for a no-cost analysis.

A lawsuit is being filed in Copenhagen by some of the world’s leading international and Danish law firms, on behalf of investors who suffered investment losses in Danske Bank’s share price after various disclosures related to an estimated EUR €200 billion money transfer scheme involving nonresident Eastern European and Russian customers in the Bank’s Estonian Branch. Information about critical lapses in Danske Bank’s ‘know your customer’ and anti-money laundering internal enforcement policies, and its failure to act upon both internal and external warnings of noncompliance, caused a more than a 40% decline in Danske’s stock price resulting in losses for investors of more than USD $15 billion.

THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW: Battea will provide a comprehensive analysis of your transaction history to ensure that your filings in all of these settlements are complete, and in many instances, the same transactions may be eligible to be filed in more than one settlement, and therefore eligible to receive multiple settlement distributions. Battea has been consulted as experts by multiple law firms in the US and Europe concerning how best to retrieve trade settlement history, locate data, and identify derivatives and FX transactions to effectuate the development of plans of allocation and investor data on-boarding and processing.

We strongly recommend that you submit your transactional data to Battea now! Battea will provide a no cost, thorough transaction inventory and data analysis to ensure that all eligible transactions are included in your filing.