Proprietary Trading Firms

Battea is your exclusive agent responsible for all of your securities class action settlement claims and recovery

Securities Class Action Filings and Recoveries for Proprietary Trading Firms

Battea takes care of Institutional Asset Managers' Fiduciary Duties of Compliance Requirements


The concept for Battea’s securities class action recovery service grew out of our founder’s roots within trading operations for a prominent proprietary trading firm. Tasked with claims filing and faced with massive amounts of trade data, Battea’s founder conceived of an automated engine to systematically match trading transaction data with settlement Plans of Allocation, enabling an accurate and efficient platform for valuing and filing securities class action claims. Today, Battea counts a number of proprietary trading firms among its global client base. Coming from a background in proprietary trading, our founders intimately understand the inner workings of proprietary trading firms and how to process massive amounts of trading data to achieve accurate payments from securities class action settlements.

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“The process of participating in class action settlements has historically been a daunting task involving the collection and submission of detailed documentation. Battea has streamlined the process, while ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality and data protection. There is zero downside in using their services."