Class Action Financial Award Recovery Services

Class Action Financial Award Recovery ServicesAward processing and distribution is the culmination of Battea's class action financial award recovery service. Claims administrators issue payments to eligible members of the class entitled to receive settlement monies. When the award check is received by Battea, the amount is cross checked with Battea's internal award calculation to confirm that the correct disbursement amount is received from the claims administrator. This confirmation check is performed on every award check received. Any discrepancy is researched and resolved.

Battea deposits the award check into an escrow account assigned to the client. This distribution process occurs on a monthly basis and consolidates all financial awards received in the prior calendar month into a single distribution on or about the 15th of the following month. Detailed distribution letters accompany each distribution check to provide the client with the details of the award. Checks can also be made payable to individual fund names as needed. For those clients using a custodian, Battea sends the distributions directly to the custodian with the details needed to credit the appropriate account.

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