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The Battea Platform

The Battea Platform combines modern technological infrastructure with cutting edge research and tools to provide clients with unparalleled transparency with respect to securities class action litigation. Built upon Battea’s proprietary technology The Claims Engine, our platform offers robust security for client data combined with the fruits of our research efforts to keep clients informed of relevant cases in which they may be eligible to participate, whether in a lead plaintiff capacity or as a class member entitled to recoveries in a settlement. Battea has made significant investments in upgrading the firm’s platform to provide seamless connectivity between our research and client’s trading data, providing the necessary transparency to counsel clients on potential courses of action with respect to securities class action litigation and recovery initiatives.

This custom, completely automated, and user-friendly interface includes:

  • Class Action Claims Filed
  • Settlement Payments Received
  • Pending Document Requests from the Claims Adminisitrators
  • International Securities Litigation Monitoring and Analysis
  • Automated Client Specific Loss Analysis For Clients Who Opt-In To Litigation Monitoring
  • Analysis of Newly Filed Cases Prior to Lead Plaintiff Appointment
  • In-Depth Case Research & Classwide Damage Estimation
  • New Features Indicate If You Traded a Relevant Instrument During a Class Period
  • Improving the Format of the Print Feature Across Various Web Pages
  • Various Adjustments and Formatting Improvements to the .CSV File Export Feature
  • Other Interface Modifications to Improve the User Experience

To learn more about these great features, click here to request a demonstration.