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Battea – Class Action Services, LLC is the preeminent provider of securities class action recovery services to the institutional investment community. The landscape for U.S. class actions, international securities litigation and securities centric anti-trust litigation has evolved rapidly around the globe. With deep roots in the claims filing and financial technology sectors and its global presence, Battea is optimally positioned to help clients navigate the increasingly complex process of obtaining trustworthy information about litigation that impacts their investments and businesses.



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Valeant Pharmaceuticals

Preliminary Allegations Valeant Pharmaceuticals Securities Litigation Price Chart

SCANA Securities Litigation

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Preliminary Allegations Equifax Securities Litigation Price Chart

Rayonier Securities Litigation

Preliminary Allegations Rayonier Securities Litigation Price Chart


Financial Times – Legal Services Start-ups Target Lawyers’ Paperwork

By Barney Thompson, Legal Correspondent This article can be found on Financial Times website here. Lawyers of a certain type spend laborious hours looking for bad news — ideally in the form of investors who have suffered losses combined with a reason to sue. How much more efficient would it be, th


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The Battea platform is unparalleled. The owners of Battea include the world’s foremost experts in financial trading technologies having designed and built the first commercial FIX Engine, the world’s largest FIX Order Routing Network, systems used by the largest FX banks, and interdealer brokers and systems used by the top players in the fixed income markets. Since 2009, Battea has augmented its professional staff through key hires that create a unique blend of trading transaction and data security technologists, former claims administrators, financial industry experts, securities litigation analysts and econometric experts.

The combined experience of the Battea team is unrivaled among industry peers and brought to bear for our clients as we guide them through the entire cycle of the litigation and settlement process. A combination of innovative technology, extensive research and deep domain expertise ensures that clients are alerted to risks inherent in the generally opaque global securities litigation landscape, and ultimately, that clients receive the maximum recoveries they are due.