The Battea Advantage

Industry leader & expert in maximizing settlement recovery


Advanced expertise in securities class action filing


The Battea Class Action Services team is comprised of talented professionals from a variety of backgrounds with advanced expertise in securities class action filing, including:

  • Technology and Data Infrastructure
  • Financial Trading and Transaction Processing
  • Claims Administration
  • Operations
  • Corporate Actions Processing
  • Prime Brokerage
  • Technology, Sales, and Marketing

Members of our senior team, including Chairman, Chief Information Officer, Chief Security Officer and Principal Developer came from a financial software company that specialized in the development of foreign exchange, equity and derivative software and created a private transaction network that processed over $40 billion in equity volume on a daily basis. They are joined by two former senior staffers from prominent claims administration firms. The Battea team has unparalleled expertise in technology, transaction processing, and claims administration. Battea’s human capital is the critical element in providing our clients with the highest level of performance in the securities class action realm.

Comprising the foremost financial technology experts -
Battea's peerless expertise can simply not be matched


We provide information and available options to clients that best align with their portfolio holdings


Battea dedicates significant resources to its proprietary research efforts. Comprehensive tracking of litigation activity, both in the United States and on an international basis, enables our clients to stay abreast of emerging developments. In addition to case tracking throughout the various stages of litigation, we provide information and available options to clients that best align with their portfolio holdings. With critical and often time-sensitive information available, Battea clients are well-positioned to obtain the maximum available recoveries from securities class action litigation settlements and international collective actions with the insight provided by Battea’s Collective and Class Action Litigation Research.


Battea Class Action Services


Extensive backgrounds developing financial trading software and processing transaction data


Many senior members of Battea’s management team have extensive backgrounds developing financial trading software and processing transaction data, giving Battea a definitive edge in analyzing extensive amounts of transaction data for our institutional investor clients. Our chairman was the founder and CEO of several companies that later became the publicly traded company, NYFIX, Inc., initially listed on the American Stock Exchange and later NASDAQ. NYFIX, and its related entities, automated the top foreign exchange trading desks within banking and FX interdealer brokers, including all the traders at the world’s two largest foreign exchange interdealer brokers in London and New York. NYFIX evolved from specializing in foreign exchange to focusing on the equities and derivatives markets. The team at NYFIX built one of the world’s largest equities and derivatives trading and exchange floor automation, electronic order routing and transaction networks, processing more than $40 billion in equity trades per day. Before the company was sold, it serviced more than a thousand of the world’s largest institutional investors, brokers and banks. Our Chairman, Chief Information Officer, Chief Security Officer, Principal Developer and other senior employees were a part of this team and Battea clients benefit from the unique data and trading expertise they bring with them.