Battea Class Action Services Announces the Successful Integration of its Digital Asset Recovery Technology (“DART”) to help Institutional Investors in Recovering Damages Related to Cryptocurrency Investments

STAMFORD, Conn. – July 11, 2023 – Battea Class Action Services, LLC, the global leading expert in providing turn-key class and collective action antitrust and securities litigation recovery services, international litigation research and monitoring to more than 1,000 institutional investors, banks and hedge funds, announces the completion and integration of its Digital Asset Recovery Technology (“DART”), to support its expert teams’ ability to successfully help institutional investors in recovering losses from digital asset investment related activities and settlements.

Cryptocurrency class action settlements include blockchain or cryptocurrency companies that engaged in the sale or exchange of tokens (commonly Initial Coin Offerings), cryptocurrency mining, staking, bankruptcies, cryptocurrency derivatives, or that designed blockchain focused software.

“Battea Class Action Services is excited to leverage our 20+ years of securities litigation and antitrust recovery expertise, and patented, proprietary technology, The Claims Engine®, to assist investors that were harmed by all forms of cryptocurrency fraud,” says Trent Calabretta, Senior Vice President, Business Development.

Since 2018 there have been 65 securities class action filings related to cryptocurrencies, up over 100% from 11 in 2021 to 23 in 2022. The SEC has deemed over $115 billion of digital tokens as unregistered securities, an upward trend expected to continue as regulators expand their purview to flag offending companies for mishandling customer funds, misleading investors and regulators, breaking securities rules, and failing to register tokens as securities.

With over $80,000,000 settlement dollars currently outstanding, DART presents an exceptional opportunity for damaged cryptocurrency investors to recoup money they are rightfully due as a result of their investment related activities.

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Battea Class Action Services is the global leader and expert in all stages of asserting and processing settlement claims in connection with securities, interest rate derivatives, antitrust, collective action filings, cryptocurrencies, and settlement distributions. The company has been a leader in the space for over 20 years, serving more than 1,000 institutions around the world, including many of the world’s biggest banks, hedge funds, and buy-side investors. The company’s deep understanding of market operations facilitates the process of identifying and computing claims losses at an expert, “full service” level, whether OTC or exchange-traded and across all instruments and execution platforms. For more information, visit

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