Battea Class Action Services FAQ

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Battea Class Action Services' FAQ

Battea has outlined everything you need to know about Battea Class Action Services, domestic class actions, international collective actions, portfolio monitoring, litigation monitoring, data security, and best next steps.

For more than 20 years, Battea has been serving more than 1,000 institutions around the world, including many of the world’s largest banks, hedge funds, asset managers, pension funds, and buy-side investors. The landscape for U.S. class actions, international securities litigation, and securities centered anti-trust litigation has evolved rapidly around the globe. With deep roots in the claims filing and financial technology sectors and its global presence, Battea is optimally positioned to help its clients navigate the increasingly complex process of obtaining trustworthy information about litigation that impacts their investments and businesses. The combined experience of the Battea team is unrivaled among industry peers and brought to bear for our clients.

The Battea Class Action Services team is comprised of nearly 100 talented professionals from a variety of backgrounds with advanced expertise in securities class action filing, including Technology and Data Infrastructure, Financial Trading and Transaction Processing, Claims Administration, Operations, Corporate Actions Processing, Prime Brokerage, and Technology. Battea is headquartered in Stamford, CT, along with support agents located in Copenhagen, London, and Malta, providing its European clients support during local hours.

Battea has established itself as the global experts in successfully pursuing settlement claims recovery specializing in: globally tracking investigations; issuing announcements; and collaborating with foundations, shareholder associations, and collective actions to support our clients. Battea’s wholly owned subsidiary, Battea Global Litigation Research, Inc. (BGLR), is responsible for identifying and analyzing potential litigations forming outside of the United States. BGLR is an international team comprised of experts in the legal and financial markets fields with offices in both Stamford, CT and Copenhagen, Denmark. Battea has embraced the opportunities provided by the expanding and increasingly complex securities class action settlement market through increased investments and focus on automation technologies and through significant investments in expert human capital.

Battea’s Client Portal offers clients a centralized platform for accessing all securities class action and international litigation activity at a glance. The user-friendly interface consolidates information on: Class Action Claims Filed, Settlement Payments Received, Pending Document Requests from the Claims Administrators, International Securities Litigation Monitoring and Analysis, Client Specific Loss Analysis with Opt-In to Litigation Monitoring, Analysis of Newly Filed Cases Prior to Lead Plaintiff Appointment, In-Depth Case Research & Classwide Damage Estimation, and a Responsive Design with Interactive Charts and Case Summaries. Battea provides a neutral research report allowing the ability for all clients to compare Battea’s findings against others, which helps to level the playing field. Additionally, the Company incorporates a real-time trade data feed, with the Client’s custodian, enabling an effective and efficient calculation of your market and corrective disclosure losses.

Battea provides securities and antitrust class action recovery services to all its clients, giving the client’s leadership unparalleled transparency over the process and ensuring no money is left on the table. Our proven method includes the ability to track the complete cycle of a class action suit from the initial news alert through the distribution of funds. Battea provides each of its clients with detailed information during each step of the process, thereby assisting managers in exercising their fiduciary obligations to the highest level. Battea streamlines the process for investors and ensures that all monies owed to investors are properly identified, tracked, and dispersed.

Battea also maintains a strict client data handling policy and has specific procedures in collecting said data. There are three different ways that Battea can source your transactional data:

  1. Secure File Transfer Protocol (“SFTP”); and
  2. Battea Secure File Drop: This is a secure file drop service that is hosted and maintained by Battea.; and
  3. The Battea Mailbox: While data can be delivered via e-mail attachments, this is the least preferred and least secure method of data delivery. Upon signing an NDA, Battea can provide further details regarding this process.

Battea’s preferred method of data delivery is via the Fund Administrator. While the Firm can collect data from the client, it is much easier connect directly with the Admin through our SFTP.

Battea will typically collect a general set of data sets including, but not limited to, the Account Identifier, Account Name or Fund Name, Activity Type, Currency, Counterparty, Exchange, Instrument Type, ISIN, Sedol, CUSIP, Notional Value, etc.

In certain instances, for those settlements including, but not limited to, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Options, Futures Transactions, Foreign Exchange Transactions, Swaps, Swaptions, etc., Battea will send you specific retrieval instructions.

Battea works with each of its customers on a customized basis and will assign one of its top Account Managers to oversee all areas of the client’s portfolio. Battea’s Account Managers and a backup in the event he/she is out of the office or on vacation. The client-dedicated Sales person and Account Manager will coordinate efforts to make sure that periodic visits are conducted to keep the client well informed and to maintain only the highest level of service possible.

Battea is audited through a strict SSAE 18 report certification annually. Battea recently completed its annual audit (which was previously known as a SAS70 audit) for the ninth year in a row ensuring that Battea has indeed verified our system’s accuracy and maintaining only the highest standards of client data security.

Battea Class Action Services' FAQ