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Institutional Asset Managers Securities Recoveries

Battea takes care of Institutional Asset Managers' Fiduciary Duties of Compliance Requirements


Our professionals understand the challenges that investment management firms face, particularly with respect to compliance requirements and their duties as fiduciaries to claim securities class action settlement funds due to their investors. Despite significant resources, investment managers typically lack the specialized means and necessary expertise to track the status of hundreds of securities class action cases pending each year.


Battea – Class Action Services delivers to its investment management clients a seamless and effective solution to the complex securities class action claims filing and recovery process. Battea's extensive technological infrastructure is equipped to securely handle massive volumes of trading transaction data and efficiently process settlement claims and recoveries.


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“The process of participating in class action settlements has historically been a daunting task involving the collection and submission of detailed documentation. Battea has streamlined the process, while ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality and data protection. There is zero downside in using their services."