Case Spotlights

Billions of Dollars Available To Eligible Investors

Battea's peerless research team, the world's foremost research analysts, provide leading insight and litigation settlement support on nearly 8,000 global cases in various stages including recently announced, in development, pending, residual, and historical. Below you will find a sampling of various case spotlights.



Manipulation of the U.S. Dollar LIBOR Rate during the 2008 financial crisis



Price fixing in the Euribor market and of various Euribor Products



Manipulation of the Yen-LIBOR, Euroyen TIBOR, and the prices of Euroyen-Based Derivatives

business handshake on a silver dollar

FX Antitrust

Daily price fixing in the FX market



The Lava Jato bribery scandal

Volkswagen international lititgation research summary


Funded and administrated by International Securities Associations and Foundations Management Company

Brenner, Italy - May 8, 2016: Tesla charging stations are located throughout EU to accommodate owners of the electric car.


Deceptions regarding business operations, management and the intrinsic value of its common stock

Redwood City, CA, USA – March 18, 2014: The Oracle World Headquarters located in Redwood City. Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation.


Revenue inflation through improper, coercive sales practices

Seoul, Korea - October 13, 2011: Apple iPad & iPhone. Facebook App on multi touch screen of digital tablet.


False and misleading statements regarding business, operations, user data handling and operations

Finance and economy concept. Credit card,money with business city background.


False and misleading statements designed to conceal the fact the firm had been intentionally charging fees

Nearly $6 billion dollars have settled across the foreign exchange antitrust manipulation cases, derivatives cases, and the Petrobras American Depository Shares (ADS) litigation. With several billions in additional settlements expected in a number of pending antitrust and complex class and collective action cases, an unprecedented amount of settlement monies are and will continue to be available for distribution to eligible claimants in the coming months.

Due to the complexity associated with determining the transactions that are eligible to participate in these multiple settlements, and the large recovery amounts available to eligible claimants, we are requesting that you provide all of your relevant transaction data to Battea for a no-cost analysis.