Aeroflex purchase under investigation

A law office recently announced that it would investigate a pending transaction involving a microelectronic solutions company after shareholders alleged that the company's leaders breached fiduciary duty and violated state law. There is a potential for this to develop into a securities class action lawsuit in the future.

Brodsky and Smith, LLC, noted that it began seeking answers to shareholders' claims against the leaders of Aeroflex Holding Corp., after it agreed to be purchased by Cobham, plc. The transaction, if approved, would provide shareholders of Aeroflex with just $10.50 in cash per share of stock owned. There may be issues with the board not working in the best interest of its shareholders, hence the allegations of fiduciary duty breaches and state law violations. The low figure may undervalue the company's shares, especially due to Aeroflex Holding's rise in cash flow and net income.

For shareholders who would like to learn more about the process, especially regarding details about how it would affect their rights and interests, it is possible to speak with the law firm. Both Evan Smith and Jason Brodsky can be contacted by mail, telephone or email. Additionally, there are further details about the investigation on the law office's website.

Second investigation underway
Another law office noted that it began investigating claims against the board of directors at Aeroflex Holding due to many of the aforementioned reasons. This also may become a class action lawsuit down the line.

Law firm Rigrodsky and Long, P.A., noted that the deal may have not been completely fair to shareholders of Aeroflex Holding. The company agreed to the pending transaction with Cobham for approximately $1.46 billion. This price was considered to be undervaluing shareholders, and may have not been the highest amount that could have been obtained by the company's leaders at the time of the deal.

It is also an option for shareholders to discuss questions and concerns about the deal and the investigation with this law office, as well. This is open to anyone who acquired shares in the company before May 20, 2014. The best people to contact regarding learning more about rights and interests are Gina Serra and Seth Rigrodsky. They can be reached by mail, telephone or email. Visiting the law firm's website to view more information is also an option.