Battea's Infrastructure Security with Client Data Information is of the Utmost Importance 


Securing our client’s trade data is of the utmost importance


Battea’s sophisticated infrastructure, systems architecture, processes, policies and data security monitoring are specifically designed to protect client information. Accordingly, our technology, has been infused with a number of data security and technology initiatives to safeguard client data, maximize processing efficiency and prepare for potential disasters.

The Company’s platform is comprised of the latest in Dell enterprise servers running Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 (R2) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The Storage/Network Infrastructure includes EMC Storage Arrays and Cisco Switches. The database infrastructure is based on Oracle 12c Enterprise Edition.

Data Centers

In recent years, Battea has made significant investments to upgrade our data center infrastructure and currently maintains dual data center locations in Texas and Connecticut. This infrastructure configuration provides Battea with significant processing power necessary to handle the immense amounts of data inherent in our business, coupled with an extremely high level of security and reliability. Each data center includes state of the art hardware and software and incorporates multiple layers of security, including strong perimeter network defense.

The network is also protected by redundant firewalls and switches, industry-leading authentication for access, Intrusion Detection Systems, and Log Consolidation and Analysis Software (SIEM).

All data centers are biometrically secure, monitored 24/7 by closed-circuit television and security guards. The data centers have redundant, diversely routed power, with battery backup and diesel generators to ensure power continuity in the case of a power outage.

Battea Technical Quick Facts


  • Oracle 12c Enterprise Edition database
  • Cisco Networks, Dell Enterprise Servers, EMC SAN Storage systems


  • HA Redundant server and SAN architecture
  • Dual geographically diverse Data Centers


  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • RSA SecurID two-factor authentication for all user access
  • Periodic Network Penetration Testing
  • Configuration and file integrity monitoring, via Change Control Software, throughout environment
  • Multi-level System/Database Auditing
  • Secure media handling and destruction procedures for all customer data
  • SecureWorks 24 x 7 security monitoring
  • Secure equipment housing cabinets
  • 24x7 Onsite Security Staff, Biometric and security card access, Full CCTV Cameras surveillance, etc.