Global Banks

Global Experts in Processing Complex Data for the World's Largest Banks

Global Banks Securities Recovery

Domestic & international banks are bolstered with Battea's unrivaled expertise of all global markets, jurisdictions, and litigations including all securities, derivative and interest rate manipulations.


Battea counts many of the world's largest banks as some of its largest clients. Battea's experts designed and built the first Commercial FIX Engine, the world’s largest fix order routing network, and systems used by the largest FX banks, and interdealer brokers and systems.

These banks can have significant trading activity, including complex securities without security identifiers, in various locations and jurisdictions, which make the already complex claims filing process even more difficult. Therefore, Battea's global bank recovery services are a perfect fit for each specific client, regardless of their trading activity, location, or financial instrument. Thanks to its unique Claims Engine technology, Battea is an expert in processing complex data, submitting it in approved form to the claims administrator, and following the individual rules from each settlement's Plan of Allocation.

This is where Battea's unrivaled expertise becomes invaluable and brought to bear for our clients.

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“The process of participating in class action settlements has historically been a daunting task involving the collection and submission of detailed documentation. Battea has streamlined the process, while ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality and data protection. There is zero downside in using their services."