Battea Class Action Services Onboarding Steps

Continually hunting for news of emerging and newly filed class action litigation

Once a securities class or collective action settlement is reached, investors around the world enlist Battea Class Action Services' comprehensive securities class action claims filing and settlement recovery services to ensure that they are fulfilling their fiduciary obligations on behalf of their investors. Battea streamlines the process for investors and ensures that all monies owed to investors are properly identified, tracked, and dispersed.

View the detailed steps of Battea's Onboarding Process Below!

  1. Execution of required paperwork (NDA; Battea Agreement w/Contingency Fee; Filing Authorization Form).
  2. Each Client will be assigned a Battea account executive to ensure all filing needs are met. Additionally, a primary point of contact will also be assigned.
  3. Battea will provide a data format requirement document to client and or to the fund administrator.
  4. Battea will schedule a Data Conference call between Battea and either the client or the Custodian’s dedicated team member regarding data transfer via SFTP.
  5. After said data is received, there may be a follow up call related to any potential product or instrument questions.
  6. Each Client’s data will be normalized and processed by our data experts and Battea’s Claims Engine®, an application which identifies eligible claims, both current and situations where the deadline has passed.
  7. Once the Battea onboarding process is complete, each client will be registered on the Battea Client Portal®, with a full educational demo.
  8. Each Client’s Account Manager will request a list to identify any previous or open status filings conducted by client or client’s current provider (If applicable).
  9. Then, Battea’s Claims Filing Division will conduct a filing audit for previous and new/upcoming settlement filings that have not been submitted and have eligibility status.
  10. Results of said audit and look back will be presented to the client (a follow up call may be required).
  11. After consultation between the Client and Battea, any relevant filing will be submitted and followed through until award disbursement is made.

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Continuous Action Items

  • Client determines frequency of data refreshes – Battea will request clients to do this quarterly, monthly, or semi-annually. 
  • Consultation on all opt-in, collective action, auto-filing on U.S. and passive settlements. 
  • Determine frequency of “Pending Claims” and “Distribution Reports” emailed directly to client’s personnel.