Securities Class Action Filing is Complicated.

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International Focus

As the global leader in security class action filing, Battea has extensive experience in successfully pursuing and recovering settlement claims around the world. Because we anticipate a significant increase in international litigation, we have assembled a dedicated global litigation research team, Battea Global Litigation Research, Inc., to identify, analyze, and update transactional data while providing litigation support relating to class and collective actions worldwide

Litigation Monitoring

Battea has assembled many of the foremost international financial technology experts, with deep expertise in developing and rolling out securities markets automation systems globally across equities, fixed income, derivatives and foreign exchange markets. The expertise of Battea’s personnel, whom excel in Portfolio Monitoring, Strategic Research Analysis and International Litigation, is the critical element in providing our clients with the highest level of service and actionable intelligence. Battea's expertise is simply unmatched.

Client Data & Security

A critical component of Battea’s Litigation Monitoring Platform is seamless integration with client’s trading and transaction data. Battea implemented automatic updates from leading custodians and trading systems to enable continuous synchronization of client transaction data within our Monitoring Platform. All customer data handling processes and systems are subject to internal and external annual audit reviews (SSAE 18).

The Claims Engine®

This state-of-the-art software engine categorizes the mountains of data needed to base a claim. It’s a highly efficient system that accurately and reliably calculates economic loss or “recognized loss” to substantiate the precise value of each claim. Battea experts draw on their extensive experience in both the intricacies of case settlement rules and complexities of trading data to combine and match all settlements on a proprietary database and infrastructure platform.