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Non-Investment Alpha: The New Revenue Line Opportunity for Institutional Investors


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Key Findings Include:

  1. Billions have already settled in the Foreign Exchange Benchmark, EUROYEN, EURIBOR, SIBOR antitrust manipulation
    cases, there is still more than $17 billion currently available to damaged investors
  2. In previous matters, including the recent CDS and OTC U.S. Dollar LIBOR cases, many claimants were short changed due to the lack of transparency in loss calculations, insufficient data production, and other various reasons.
  3. According to a report compiled by the European Commission, the estimated cost of unclaimed withholding taxes is €8.4 billion per annum in the EU alone.
  4. Withholding tax recovery is a complex and time-consuming process, requiring an in-depth knowledge of tax legislation and current practices in every single country, with its corresponding process, within each individual investment mandate.