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Improper conduct relating to the setting of the
Euro Interbank Offered Rate (“Euribor”), a global
reference rate used to benchmark, price and
settle over $200 trillion of financial products.

Claims Filing Deadline:July 31, 2019
Class CounselLowey Dannenberg, P.C., Lovell Stewart, Halebian Jacobson LLP
Settlement Fund:$491.5 Million
Class Period:June 1, 2005 through March 31, 2011.

Eligible Transactions:

For purposes of the Euribor Case, “Euribor Products” means any and all interest rate swaps, forward rate agreements, futures, options, structured products, and any other instrument or transaction related in any way to Euribor, including but not limited to, NYSE LIFFE Euribor futures contracts and options, CME Euro currency futures contracts and options, Euro currency forward agreements, Euribor-based swaps, Euribor-based forward rate agreements and/or any other financial instruments that reference Euribor.

Eligible Parties:

All persons who purchased, sold, held, traded or otherwise had any interest in Euribor Products during the Class Period, who were either domiciled in the United States or its territories or, if domiciled outside the United States or its territories, transacted Euribor Products in the United States or its territories during the Class Period, including, but not limited to, all persons who traded CME Euro currency futures contracts, all persons who transacted in NYSE LIFFE Euribor futures and options from a location within the United States, and all persons who traded any other Euribor Product from a location within the United States.