Zale Corporation investigation begins

A law office recently announced that it began an investigation of a jewelry company's purchase by another firm due to issues brought forth by shareholders. Depending on the results of the investigation, a class action claim may be filed.

Pomerantz, LLP, noted that it is investigating Zale Corporation after its board of directors agreed to an acquisition by Signet Jewelers, Ltd. This is because the company's leaders may have breached fiduciary duty by not putting the company on the market for long enough, and working further to get more value to shareholders.

This transaction would give shareholders of Zale Corporation $21 in cash per share. This agreed-upon amount is still lower than revenue multiples and the price to earnings before interest and tax when compared to other similar deals.

Any shareholders who are looking for more information about the proposed purchase and subsequent investigation are welcome to speak with the law office. Robert Willoughby can be reached by telephone or email for further help on the matter.

Another investigation starts for Zale Corporation
A second law office explained that it will investigate the claims brought forth by shareholders of Zale Corporation against the company. This also has the potential to become a securities class action lawsuit.

The board of directors at Zale Corporation agreed to sell the company to Signet Jewelers for close to $690 million, giving shareholders the aforementioned amount per share.

With this information, the law firm will seek to determine if the company's board of directors not only breached their fiduciary duty, but also potentially violated other laws during this process.

For those with questions regarding the process, it is possible to speak with the law firm to learn more. The best contact is George Pressly, and he is available by telephone or email. There is also more information available on the law firm's website.

Third action commences
The board of directors at Zale Corporation will also be examined through an investigation from law firm Levi and Korsinski, LLP. However, this firm's valuation of the transaction is close to $1.4 billion.

Additionally, the board at Zale may have violated laws due to this deal, and Golden Gate Capital, a shareholder of the company, will tender its 22 percent of the shares as a part of this deal.

The law firm has information on its website for shareholders to learn more, while Joseph Levi can be reached by email or telephone.