Battea Class Action Services Announces Partnership with SimCorp to Provide its Clients with Best-in-Class Global Damage Analysis & Securities Class and Collective Action Claim Filing

Stamford, CT – June 27, 2023 – Battea Class Action Services, LLC, the global leading expert in providing turn-key class and collective action antitrust and securities litigation recovery services, international litigation research and monitoring to more than 1,000 institutional investors, banks and hedge funds, announced a partnership with SimCorp, a provider of investment management solutions.

Over USD $15 billion is available annually to eligible claimants in global class and collective action settlement funds, but historically, less than half of eligible claimants file successfully for their share.

Battea Class Action Services covers the entire securities class and collective action process, from the initial news alert through the distribution of settlement funds. With this collaboration, SimCorp clients will recover all monies owed to investors, and ensured each are properly identified, tracked, and dispersed through its patented, proprietary technology, The Claims Engine®.

“Battea Class Action Services is excited to partner with SimCorp to provide its clients with best-in-class global damage analysis and class and collective action claim filing for securities, derivatives, currencies, foreign exchange, & interest rate derivatives” says Michael McCreesh, CFA, President of Battea Class Action Services.

Delivering critical and often time-sensitive information, Battea clients are well-positioned to obtain the maximum available recoveries, with insight provided by Battea’s wholly owned subsidiary, Battea Global Litigation Research, Inc.

Leveraging the transactional data stored in the Investment Book of Record (IBOR) of SimCorp’s investment management platform, this partnership with Battea will enable SimCorp clients, managing more than $30 trillion dollars globally, with best-in-class global damage analysis and class and collective action claim filing services.

Anders Kirkeby, Head of Open Innovation at SimCorp comments: “At SimCorp, we identify partner options that can deliver superior service and investment outcomes. Battea is one such partner, and given their service covers the entire claims filing process and is paid for via a contingency fee-based model, it doesn’t compete for budget or internal bandwidth. Connected with the SimCorp platform, Battea will provide SimCorp clients with improved class and collective action antitrust and securities litigation recovery services immediately.”


About SimCorp

SimCorp offers industry-leading, integrated investment management solutions. Our platform and ecosystem, comprising partners, services, and third-party connectivity empowers us to provide 40% of the world’s top 100 financial companies with the efficiency and flexibility needed to succeed. With over 25 offices around the world, and more than 2,200 employees, we are a truly global, collaborative team that connects every continent and industry seamlessly. For more information, see


About Battea

Battea Class Action Services is the global leader and expert in all stages of asserting and processing settlement claims in connection with securities, interest rate derivatives, antitrust, collective action filings, and settlement distributions. The company has been a leader in the space for over 20 years, serving more than 1,000 institutions around the world, including many of the world’s biggest banks, hedge funds, and buy-side investors. The company’s deep understanding of market operations facilitates the process of identifying and computing claims losses at an expert, “full service” level, whether OTC or exchange-traded and across all instruments and execution platforms. The combined experience of the Battea team is unrivalled and brought to bear for our clients, guiding them through the entire cycle of the litigation and settlement process. For more information, visit


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