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Antitrust Litigation Settlements

While most antitrust cases are not specifically securities class actions, sometimes these two legal subsets overlap, and the result is antitrust securities class action litigations. Examples include the credit default swaps antitrust litigation (which settled for $1.86 billion in 2015), the Private Equity settlement for $590 million, the LIBOR, EURIBOR, and TIBOR scandals, and the FX-rigging case.

While these settlement funds are established to primarily benefit damaged institutional investors, many of these products transact over the counter (OTC) and accordingly are not easily identifiable with traditional securities identifiers. Special diligence is required in the filing of these types of claims or investors risk leaving vast sums of money on the table.
Battea has performed exceedingly well at identifying these transactions in client data populations. Our proprietary search technology and the expertise of our staff makes Battea uniquely qualified to prepare and defend these complicated claims on behalf of our clients.