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Appraisal Rights

Appraisal Rights Cases

Appraisal rights are generally available to stockholders in all cash or cash/stock mergers or acquisitions.  Appraisal rights provide dissenting stockholders the right to seek an appraisal of the fair value of their stock.  In appraisal rights cases, a dissenting stockholder initiates the appraisal rights litigation and other stockholders are eligible to join the case, seeking appraisal for their shares.  If the court determines, via independent appraisal, that the stock is valued at more than the deal price, the company is obligated to pay stockholders seeking appraisal rights the fair value for their shares as determined by the independent appraisal.

Battea tracks all merger and acquisition activity to keep our clients apprised of any potential appraisal rights cases that may be relevant for their portfolio holdings.  In order to exercise one’s appraisal rights, particular procedural steps must be followed.  Battea helps clients navigate through the process and determine if exercising their appraisal rights in a case is the appropriate choice.

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