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The Battea Class Action Services Advantage

Battea – Class Action Services, LLC has been a leader in the claims filing business for nearly 20 years. The principal, owner and technology teams have been augmented with members that have built FX, Derivatives and equities trading and exchange automation system for some of the world largest banks and institutions in the US, Europe and Asia. Battea’s expertise is simply unmatched.

The landscape for U.S. class actions, international securities litigation and securities centric anti-trust litigation has evolved rapidly around the globe. With deep roots in the claims filing and financial technology sectors and its global presence, Battea is optimally positioned to help clients navigate the increasingly complex process of obtaining trustworthy information about litigation that impacts their investments and businesses.

The owners of Battea include the world’s foremost experts in financial trading technologies having designed and built the first commercial FIX Engine, the world’s largest FIX Order Routing Network, systems used by the largest FX banks, and interdealer brokers and systems used by the top players in the fixed income markets.

Since 2009, Battea has augmented its professional staff through key hires that create a unique blend of trading transaction and data security technologists, former claims administrators, financial industry experts, securities litigation analysts and econometric experts, and a professional business development team including full-service marketing and communications services.

  • Battea’s trusted group of experts, unparalleled among its peers, delivers an average of 24 years of experience in their impressive careers.
  • The principals at Battea include the world’s foremost experts in financial trading technologies.
  • Battea’s leadership, management and executives include former CEO, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, and hold MBAs, CPAs, CFAs, as well as the Series 3, 6, 7, 24, 27, 34, 55, and 63 securities licenses.

In 2016, Battea launched two new subsidiaries to assist with the robust set of new securities, FX, and Derivatives class action litigations and the complexities involved with obtaining the maximum client reward:

  • The Battea FX & Derivatives Group comprises the world’s top industry experts in FX and Derivatives transaction identification, analysis, and loss computation, consulting with leading law-firms and claims administrators across the US and abroad.
  • Battea Global Litigation Research, Inc. (BGLR), is responsible for identifying and analyzing potential litigations forming outside of the United States. BGLR is an international team comprised of experts in the legal and financial markets fields with offices in both Stamford, CT and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Redesigned in 2017, The Battea Client Portal® gives you complete control over your portfolio by providing transparency into forming, filed and settled securities litigations both in the US and internationally. Currently, the Portal® is monitoring more than 7,500 global class and collective actions (including 175 international litigations) and providing institutional investors with actionable insight to help them determine the most appropriate course of action with respect to class action and group collective actions on a global scale.

Battea expanded its global footprint for claims recovery services and reclaimed hundreds of millions on behalf of its clients. Today, Battea has offices in Stamford, CT (headquarters) and San Francisco, CA, with international support agents located in Copenhagen, London, Madrid, and Paris to service clients across the world.